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Patient Testimonials

Clay Aiken & Kelly Clarkston

Clay and Kelly concert I had the pleasure of adjusting Clay. And Seeing Kelly before they want on stage. Clay is exactly like you see him on television. Sweet, kind and personable! He is down to earth and a great person! I was pleased to be able to provide him chiropractic services to him. Thanks for a wonderful opportunity!

Bubba Paris
San Francisco 49ers

I also had the opportunity to treat San Francisco 49ers' Bubba Paris.

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Amanda Hoang

Amanda sought treatment when she had pain in her right wrist from a work-related condition.  SHe had been experiencing the pain for 6 months and had been to a different chiropractor without success.  While her 'normal' lifestyle wasn't impacted, but she had to be careful not to aggravate it.  After just 4 treatments, she began to feel better;  issues were discovered with her neck that were causing other problems.  Once these issues were addressed and treated, her wrist improved greatly.

Amanda feels that Dr. Val gave her complete care and is very throrough with personalized attention and great attention to detail.

Louie Capriotti

Louie started his care with Dr. Val in October of 2014.  He was having bad neck pain along with pain to his elbow and numb fingers - on and off for the last 5 years.

He had seen about 3 doctors and was dependant on 5 different medications just to get through the day and was missing multiple days of work due to his discomfort.

Louie began feeling better after approdimately 5 treatments.  His last experience with a chiropractor had not been impressive.  "Since visiting Dr. Val - she genuinely cares about how I feel and is greatly interested in helping e.  I would recommend Dr. Val every day of the week and twice on Sundays to my friends.  Thanks, Dr. Val!"

Yvonne Cheung

Yvonne started care with Dr. Val in August, 2013.  She had tingling and numbness in her left arm and hand, along with lower back problems and cold feet.  She had been experiencing the should and hand problems for a few weeks, but had experienced cold feet for more than 10 years.  She hadn't seen any other doctors, but took over the counter pain meds.

The numbness and tingling in her hands was very disruptive to her life since she uses her hands for almost everything.  She started seeing improvement after only 1 treatment.

"Chiropractic care is a legit form of treatment and should be on everyone's list of options when considering what to do with their physical problems.  Come in with an open mind and willingness to give it a good shot!"

Eryn Murphy

Eryn started receiving care from Dr. Val immediately after an injury.  She had severe neck/shoulder/back pain and stiffness and could barely move.  She suffered for a couple of weeks, and tried one other chiropractor and pain killers before Dr. Val.  For the first five days after injury, getting out of bed was an "intensely painful ordeal."

After 2 treatments, she felt better and after 3, much better. 

"Without it (Dr. Val's treatment), I think it would have taken me much longer to recover.  The adjustments felt awesome, and the massage sessions with Rebecca brought me heavenly pain relief."

"Thanks to Dr. Val and Rebecca - I am a new woman!"

Miyako Vasquez

Miyako had lower and upper back pain along with neck and jaw problems which contributed to increased fatigues and headaches for two to three years.  She had gone to two doctors but they didn't know what to do.  SHe wasn't able to exercise as much or as well and was having trouble sleeping.

After about four chiropractic treatments, she started to feel a lot better.  It helped her to sleep better and toget through the day without pain.  She recommends chiropractic care to others - 100%.

Sara Togiai

After suffering for more than 2 months of constant severe headaches, she started treatment in November of 2009.  Her phsysician had her taking 2/500mg Tylenol Rapid Release 3 times a week which did not work. 

She was moody, not able to bend for a long period of time so that ruled out any exercise.  She didn't want to go anywhere or do anything because she was fatigued.

After her first treatment, her headaches went away, and she stopped taking Tylenol or any medication--there was no need for medication for her at that point.

She has since started working out and a couple of weeks after her first adjustment, she walked 10 miles and feels much better.  I strongly recommend chiropractic to everyone.

Jasmine Clark

Jasmine started care with Dr. Val in August, 2007.  She had pain in her hip which radiated down her left leg.  She was feeling tired and lacked energy, and had headaches.  The hip pain had been for a month and a half while the headaches had been occurring for about a year. 

The leg pain made it difficult to sleep and she couldn't walk smoothly.  After about 3 treatments, she quickly responded to the treatment.

She feels very positive about chropractic care - it got her completely back on track and feeling normal again.  "Having my energy back is great!"

Jayme Knudsen

Jayme suffered from severe headaches for 3-4 months and her primary physician treated this with pain medicine and muscle relaxers.  Neither of these approches worked.  But just after 5 or 6 chiropractic adjustments, she started feeling better and happier.  She definitely recommends Dr. Val's services to others.

Marian Stevens

From a combination of an athletic life and working long hours at the computer, my neck is often killing me, and after my first adjustment, I realized that I had been in constant, dull lower back pain for many years. Who knows when it started! I had been a gymnast, a skier, a competitive figure skater, and any of those could have contributed to it all. I am amazed at how good I feel now and always feel taller after a neck adjustment.

Shelly Skinner

Shelly started her care with Dr. Val in June, 2001 after having headaches every day for 8 years, along with 2 years of lower back pain and chronic fatigue. She had seen 3 different doctors who gave her many different pain medications and anti-depressants, and injections in her head. Her symptoms made it impossible to lead a normal life; she couldn't go anywhere, cried all the time, and was very angry. Shelly began feeling better right away once she began chiropractic treatment, and about 6 weeks into her treatment, she felt 100% relief. As a result, her marriage is much happier, her work doesn't wear her into the ground any longer, and friends have told Shelly that she looks different. Shelly regrets that she waited as long as she did to seek chiropractic care; her doctors had told her that nothing could be done, it was stress. "Dr. Val is a wonderful, caring person."

Sue Havey

Sue began her treatment in September, 2002 after experiencing a stiff neck and back which made it difficult to get through her job each day. She also was walking up with a headache nearly every day. The problem had gradually been increasing over the prior 5 years. It was very difficult for Sue to get through a work day, and she found it hard to be motivated with the daily headaches. After just a few treatments, her headaches stopped but it took several months to build the stamina and correct the spine that makes her work day almost normal. Sue has had a great experience with the headaches now almost non-existent, her neck isn't as stiff, and her back is stronger and doesn't become nearly as sore as it used to. Sue says about chiropractic care: "It beats all the drugs, cortisone and surgery options for these types of problems!"

Sally Hays

Sally began her care in November, 1999 having a sprained wrist and knee. She was also experiencing neck, upper, middle and lower back pain and muscle spasms. She had seen 3 doctors, and was unable to work out at the gym. She is still limited somewhat since she is still under treatment, but after a few treatments, her muscle spasms stopped. She is having much less pain and can now enjoy most of her activities, and her back no longer hurts her while she is commuting.

George Briggs

George started his care with Dr. Val in July, 2003 after months of pain in his shoulder and mid-back. He had been taking Tylenol for his discomfort, but felt better after his first treatment. George feels that the chiropractic care he has been give is very good and would recommend Dr. Val Svetich to anyone.

Isabel Garcia

Isabel began her care with Dr. Val in April, 2003. She was experiencing pain in her shoulders, neck, back and chest for several months. She couldn't do chores and needed help from others to do routine activities. Within a month, she began feeling better. Her general impression of chiropractic care was that she really knew that she was going to feel better.

Tina Rae Helm

Tina began her care in September 2000, experiencing severe headaches, neck and back pain. This was due to a car accident the year before. She had been taking a lot of pain killers and injections for soft tissue repair. Before the accident, she was singing full time in a showcase band. The accident forced her to resign and travel down a long, dark road of pain. Within 2 weeks of beginning treatment with Dr. Val, she felt a difference, and after a month, Tina began feeling like her self again. "I finally had hope! God led me to Dr. Val - she was my answer to my prayers! Not only is she such an incredible chiropractor, but she has a heart of gold and will be my doctor for life!"

Margaret Howden

Margaret began her care at the end of August, 2003. She was experiencing pain in trying to turn her neck to the left and had some back pain. She had had the problem in the past years, but it had just started up again. She was cautious about bending and had trouble driving since she had trouble turning her head. After 4 treatments or so, she began to feel better. She has found that chiropractic treatment seems to relieve her pain and is thankful to Dr. Val.

Carolyn Enes

Carolyn began her treatment in late December, 2003. She had a sore, 'stressed' neck, sore lower back, stress between shoulder blades. numbness in hands and feet, sciatica down right leg to heel. She wasn't flexible, it hurt to sit, stand, or lay down. She had been taking a lot of Advil and Aspirin, and was very limited in what she could do to maintain her lifestyle. Once she started treatment, she found every treatment made her feel better, and by about the 10th treatment, she felt a big improvement. Carolyn feels everyone owes it to themselves to try chiropractic - it can change your life. You can start to do things again that you enjoy and have missed because of pain. You have to try it yourself to know it works!

Rashida Butler

Rashida began her care in September, 2004. She was experiencing acute pain in the sciatic nerve starting at the end of her spine and radiating down her right leg. After suffering for 10 months and seeing two Kaiser doctors, she came to see Dr. Val. Her condition had completely interrupted her life style. Within a few weeks, she began to feel better and is continuing to improve.